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Initiation and Tolerance of Macro-Damage of First Ply (FBF) in a Process of Damaging of Hybrid Multi-Ply Structures Due to Reinforcement Archtecture

   | Jul 28, 2018


The objective of this paper was study and analysis of damaging process of multi-ply structure applied in dentistry. The aim was to analyze and experimentally evaluate tolerance of macro-damage of first ply (FPF - first ply failure) of multi-ply composite. A studied structure of composite makes a carrying structure for dental applications e.g. adhesive bridges. Influence of reinforcement structure on the residual carrying capacity of the studied multi-ply materials has been demonstrated. It has been shown that the type of fiber and fiber ribbon architecture play a major role in strength of studied reinforcements. Structures included in the study differ by the moment of macro-damage occurrence, carrying capacity and residual stiffness.

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Materials Sciences, Functional and Smart Materials