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Studies of Erosion Resistance of Protective Coats on the Surfaces of Machine Elements Washed with Fluids


This article indicated at erosion as one of the causes of degradation of surfaces washed by fluids and conditions of its occurrence. Corrosive – erosive theory of metal surface degradation has been discussed linking it with an instance of destructive processes taking place in cylinder liner blocks of combustion engines. Physics and conditions influencing processes on liquid – washed operational surface phase boundary have been justified. Out of the contemporary hypotheses explaining the physics of cavitation erosion, the bubble theory has been considered. A mathematical model of erosion has been presented in the context of cavitation implosion energy determining crash interactions of liquid cumulative fluxes on the washed surface. Occurring plastic deformations have been graphically explained linking them with the occurrence of fatigue micro-cracks and later with erosive pits. Influence of initial steel hardness on intensity of cavitation erosion has been checked. Discussion of ways to increase metal surface resistance to cavitation erosion has been carried out.

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Materials Sciences, Functional and Smart Materials