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Application of Vegetation Similarity Measure to Assess Habitat Naturalness: A Description of Plant Stand Syngenesis as a Management Qualifier

   | 08 sie 2012

This paper represents an extension of a previously published wider conceptual article (Kovář 2007). It introduces an original approach of how to assess the naturalness of a habitat, in connection with the landscape ecological framework and surveillance and monitoring of biodiversity of habitats in Central Europe (Bunce et al. 2005, Bunce et al. 2007). Initially, it was referred to in an oral presentation by the author within the BioHab (Biodiversity and Habitats, EU Fifth Framework programme) workshop, held in Prague (Kovář 2004a).

The degree of plant stand similarity, as an expression of different naturalness/syngenesis indicated by the Jaccard index, is used to describe forest management history. This management qualifier can be used especially in countries possessing good phytosociological traditions in vegetation science, with experience in applying habitat classifications and land use planning.

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