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Correlation of Objective and Subjective Parameters in Research of Urban Green Spaces Accessibility on the Example of Bratislava


The article deals with the accessibility of urban green spaces in Bratislava city. These areas are considered to be a significant part of urban environment as they fulfil many crucial functions. The research is focused on greenery of Bratislava - an important land-shaping component of urban landscape - which influences residents' quality of life as a place for regeneration and rest. The main goal of the research is evaluation of green urban spaces accessibility in Bratislava from the time perspective by different types of transport using a questionnaire survey and available network analysis method. We use correlations of objective data gained by network analysis and subjective data obtained from the questionnaire survey. By using these methods, we were able to determine areas within Bratislava city specific in high or low correlation results. These results may be used in urban planning process focused on urban green spaces distribution.

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Geosciences, other, Life Sciences, Ecology