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The fauna of Pseudopomyzidae, Micropezidae, Megamerinidae and Psilidae (Diptera) in the Gemer area (Central Slovakia)


A review of the fauna of four acalyptrate families (Diptera) in the Gemer area (Slovakia) is presented. Based on previously published records and material examined 1 species of Pseudopomyzidae, 10 species of Micropezidae, 1 species of Megamerinidae and 18 species of Psilidae are listed, each with comments about general distribution, biology, faunistic and/or nature conservation importance. Pseudopomyza atrimana (Meigen, 1830) (Pseudopomyzidae), Cnodacophorastylifera (Loew, 1870), Neria longiceps (Loew, 1870), Rainieria calceata (Fallén, 1820) (Micropezidae), Megamerina dolium (Fabricius, 1805) (Megamerinidae) and Chamaepsila strigata (Collin, 1959) (Psilidae) are the most significant species in the area belonging to rare taxa distinctly jeopardized due to association with (in Central Europe) endangered habitats. Chamaepsila strigata, a new species for the fauna of Slovakia, is recorded for the first time since its description from Montenegro. The first record from Austria and second record from Slovakia of Cnodacophorastylifera are given. New data about habitat association of these rare species are presented.

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