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The fauna of the opomyzoid families Clusiidae, Acartophthalmidae, Anthomyzidae, Opomyzidae, Stenomicridae, Periscelididae, Asteiidae (Diptera) in the Gemer area (Central Slovakia)


A synopsis of the fauna of seven families of Opomyzoidea (Diptera) in the Gemer area (Slovakia) is given. Clusiidae (8 species), Acartophthalmidae (2 species), Anthomyzidae (9 species), Opomyzidae (8 species), Stenomicridae (1 species), Periscelididae (1 species) and Asteiidae (5 species) are treated on the basis of previously published records and material examined. Each species is listed with comments about its general distribution, biology and faunistic and/or nature conservation importance. Podocera soniae (Merz & Roháček, 2005) (Stenomicridae) is the most interesting species because it was originally partly described from specimens (paratypes) discovered in the area. Other significant faunal elements include Clusia tigrina (Fallén, 1820), Clusiodescaledonicus (Collin, 1912), Hendelia beckeri Czerny, 1903, (Clusiidae) and Leiomyza curvinervis (Zetterstedt, 1838) (Asteiidae), all endangered or vulnerable species associated with well-preserved forests, and Anthomyza neglecta Collin, 1944, A. paraneglecta Elberg, 1968 (Anthomyzidae), Geomyza apicalis (Meigen, 1830), G. hackmani Nartshuk, 1984, vulnerable species of wetland and grassland habitats.

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