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Building erosion control measures in land consolidation projects

   | 11 lip 2011

Anti-erosion protection is understood as a set of measures serving as process management to prevent soil loss and degradation of its productive and environmental potential. Anti-erosion protection is generally based on the influence of the subject of the erosion (soil) and erosion conditions, so in order to decrease the intensity of the erosion, it consists of a diverse set of measures, which are classified according to how they affect erosion. Soil erosion measures on agricultural land are divided as follows:

- Organizational measures: delimitation of land resources, cultural erosion and crop distribution, the size, shape and arrangement of land, the communication network, organization of grazing.

- Agrotechnical measures: Contour agrotechnics.

- Soil-protecting agrotechnics.

- Biological measures: crop belt, belt stabilizers, erosion crop rotations, conservation gins, protective afforestation.


- Technical measures: erosion channels, ditches, terraces.

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