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The Significance of Expression through Movement during Educational Process


This paper discusses the significance of expression through movement in modern education. People's attitudes towards their body image are described both in the context of physical culture and as they are perceived by society. Also discussed are the necessary changes to be made in physical education programs.

The aim of the study is to analyze students' attitudes towards movement expression as a manifestation of body consciousness and the importance of using it in different aspects of social life. The study was carried out with 224 students from the University of Physical Education and the University of Technology in Warsaw. The paper is based both on opinion polls and empirical study. Different research methods, such as a questionnaire and an analysis of documentation, were applied.

The resulting analysis indicates the need for movement expression in youth, both for personal and career development, nowadays an essential factor of success. Expression through movement is an important field of physical education that should be developed in modern times. Therefore it seems justifiable to include it in physical education programs at schools and universities. Above all, expression can become a useful tool for functioning in a dynamically changing social environment.