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Plasma Nitriding as a Prevention Method Against Hydrogen Degradation of Steel

   | 17 lip 2009


Aim of this paper is evaluation of susceptibility of plasma nitrided structural steel to hydrogen absorption and degradation. Structural steel, nitrided at glow discharge in the gas mixture of various N2, H2, Ar content was subjected to cathodic hydrogen charging in acid solution simulating the aged engine oil. The effect of the nitrided layers on the hydrogen transport and on the irreversible trapping was evaluated by the measurements of the hydrogen permeation rate and by the vacuum extraction, respectively. Surfaces with modified layers were examined with the use of a scanning electron microscope (SEM) before and after hydrogen permeation tests. In the presence of the not defected compact nitride layer, no hydrogen permeation through the steel has been stated under the experimental conditions. Absorbed hydrogen was accumulated within this layer.

Using the atmosphere of the higher nitrogen to hydrogen ratio at plasma assisted nitriding provides the formation of thin compact nitride zone, highly protective against corrosion and hydrogen degradation.

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Materials Sciences, Functional and Smart Materials