This paper present the results of our project to develop the preliminary design of a jet trainer plane (JTP) with a two-person crew, the base version of which is intended for cadet training. We first consider the assumptions and requirements for the new aircraft, and review the parameters of existing aircraft designs in the similarly-purposed class. Next we argue for certain design choices, regarding the aircraft layout, cockpit configuration, wing location and wingform, tail scheme, and powerplant. The resulting aircraft design is calculated to have a maximum flight speed of 940 km/h, a ground-level rate of climb of 100 m/s, and a range of 1130 km. The plane’s take-off mass is calculated, in three approximations, at 2264 kg. Lastly we present the training plane’s geometrical parameters, general view, and master geometry.

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Engineering, Introductions and Overviews, other, Geosciences, Materials Sciences, Physics