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Validation of Numerical Models Used for Designing the Composite Blade for ILX-27 Rotorcraft


The paper presents the validation procedure of the model used in the analysis of the composite blade for the rotor of the ILX-27 rotorcraft, designed and manufactured in the Institute of Aviation, by means of numerical analyses and tests of composite elements. Numerical analysis using finite element method and experimental studies of three research objects made of basic materials comprising the blade structure – carbon-epoxy laminate, glass-epoxy composite made of roving and foam filler – were carried out. The elements were in the form of four-point bent beams, and for comparison of the results the deflection arrow values in the middle of the beam and axial deformations on the upper and lower surfaces were selected. The procedure allowed to adjust the discrete model to real objects and to verify and correct the material data used in the strength analysis of the designed blade.

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Engineering, Introductions and Overviews, other, Geosciences, Materials Sciences, Physics