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Validation of the Slovene Version of the Stop-Bang Questionnaire in a Primary Practice Setting



The aim of our study was to validate the Slovene translation of the STOP-BANG (SBQ) questionnaire for use in the primary practice setting.


We recruited 158 randomly selected visitors at four primary practice clinics who came to the practice for any reason. Participants completed the Slovene SBQ and underwent type 3 respiratory polygraphy, which was analysed by an experienced somnologist. The SBQ was previously translated in to Slovene and validated for the sleep clinic.


Of 158 participants, 153 had valid recordings. The mean age of the participants was 49.5 years (±13.0 years), and 47.7% were male. OSA was identified in 49.0% of the participants. The questionnaire, with a cutoff of ≥3, demonstrated an area under the curve of 0.823 for any OSA (REI≥5), 0.819 for moderate and severe OSA (REI≥15) and 0.847 for severe OSA (REI≥30). Sensitivity was 65.3%, 81.8%, and 90.0%, and specificity was 87.2%, 73.3% and 65.0% for any, moderate to severe and severe OSA, respectively.


The Slovene translation of the SBQ is a reliable instrument for OSA risk stratification in the primary practice setting.

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