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The Pressure Resistance of Odor Traps for Sanitary Appliances and their Impact on the Hygiene of an Indoor Environment


The biggest problem with sanitary technology in high-rise buildings is the design of foul water stacks in which high negative pressure and overpressure values must not occur. When pressure exceeds maximum values, water from the trap is ejected, sucked out, or left bubbling in the trap. Measurements by other researchers have shown that when traps lose their function, in addition to the spreading of unpleasant odors, there is also the spreading of various viruses from the sewer and drainage systems. The paper deals with the mathematical analysis and simulation of the pressure resistance of different traps under various boundary conditions, considering the quality of the internal environment. The effect of water evaporation on pressure resistance was also simulated and assessed. The results of the work are clear tables of pressure resistances with a description of their effect on the water level in the trap.

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