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Several Contemporary Economy Features, Consequences of Internet Expansion and I.C.T. Innovations in the World


The Internet has reach half of the population of the planet and in the latest three years more than 700 millions users came on line from the emerging world. Most of them are coming now from the poorer population. This it may be a turning point for their economic development. This paper attempts to outline some possible future developments of the contemporary economy within the new digital transformation and development of internet firms in emerging markets, some of the pluses and minuses, some of the opportunities and threats brought by the expansion of the Internet and information and communication technologies at different levels. We will present some significant aspects about this impact for individuals and for companies especially in Eastern Europe but also around the world. The study intends to deliver also analysis at the level of governmental reactions. Governments have gone through different sentiments that have led to different responses to these technologies. A new revolution that is about to begin it will be grounded on blockchain the technologies that cryptocurrencies are based on. What was initially translated as a threat to governments and central banks can become a solution if it’s deal cautiously.