Due to the external disturbances, model uncertainties, strong coupling, and occurred faults, the winding machine presents a great control challenge. In order to deal with these problems, this paper presents the formulation of a novel scheme of fault tolerant control (FTC) for three-motor web-winding systems; it is concerned with the nonlinear robust backstepping control based on the combination of RST and backstepping controllers where the process is modelled by a nonlinear model. The main contribution of the paper is that the approach developed here summarises the performance of RST and backstepping controllers in order to design a robust controller capable of eliminating external disturbances and sensor faults affecting the system. The stability of the whole system is proven using the Lyapunov theory. Finally, analysis in comparison with the conventional backstepping controller and simulations in the MATLAB environment are accomplished to confirm the efficiency of the proposed method.

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Volume Open
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Computer Sciences, Artificial Intelligence, Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics