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Development of energy-efficient IBC with IGBT module for photovoltaic applications


The proposed study is improvised value-engineered modifications for the basic interleaved boost converter (IBC) by including relevant modifications in circuits, which is expected for a better performance in switching with reduction in losses. The newly modified IBC circuit with insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) along with converter has been experimented by simulations and the results are tabulated to modified IBC with metal oxide silicon field effect transistors. Further experimental analysis and validations of the proposed simulation with hardware developed adopting model SKM195GB066D consisting of IGBTs is presented. This study further enhances and summarises the optimum utilisation and the performance of IBC with the proposed IGBT modules that synchronises power diode. Enhancing the simulation outcomes, the hardware is proposed and developed to be tested for a load up to 1.5 kW with the evaluation of key parameters such as efficiency of the converter.

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Volume Open
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Computer Sciences, Artificial Intelligence, Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics