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Effect of Set Accelerator on Capillary Suction and Porosity of Concrete – Cast Samples with Constant Water/Binder Ratio


Alkali-free set accelerators are added at the nozzle to ensure rapid set of wet sprayed concrete. The accelerator affects the strength development, porosity and transport properties, and hence the durability, of the sprayed concrete. We developed a method to cast samples with varying set accelerator doses to measure the effect of the accelerator on porosity, but with a constant effective water/binder ratio of 0.45 for each accelerator dose. Six cylinders of concrete were cast with set accelerator doses of 0, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 % of effective binder mass. High workability was achieved to enable mixing before rapid stiffening occurred, though this high workability led to some aggregate settlement in the cylinders. Porosity was measured by capillary suction on dried specimens of hardened concrete and subsequent pressure saturation of macro pores (PF test). The samples cast with higher doses of set accelerator had higher suction porosities and higher rates of capillary suction. Using a modified Powers equation gave very low calculated degree of hydration values for concrete with set accelerator, indicating that the equation is not applicable for concrete with set accelerators, due to the higher suction porosity in accelerated matrices, caused by different hydration products.

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Materials Sciences, Materials Processing