The aim to the present study was to formulate of artificial litchi flavored drinks, to assess quality parameters like pH, acidity, TSS and sensory characteristics of three formulated artificial litchi flavored drinks were investigated under 28 days of storage at ambient (30±2°C) temperature. The pH values for all samples varied from 3.53 to 3.65 under the entire storage duration. The acidity found in three different samples ranged from 0.155 to 0.161% under storage condition. The TSS possess among the samples between 15.43 to 16.10°Brix. The sensory profile of three different formulation was evaluated in terms of color, flavor, taste and overall acceptability. The sensory parameters were followed the decreasing trend after end of the storage except sample 3. Although, initially sample 3 found in lowest sensory acceptance but retained the more stable score under the entire storage period which is significantly different (P≤0.05) from other samples. Considering pH, acidity, TSS values under entire storage condition the formulation of sample 3 had shown better results although with few exceptions there was no significant difference (P≤0.05) among the samples. However, end of the study we recommended that, the formulation of sample 3 had better among other sample 1 and sample 2 in terms of quality and cost.

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