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Data Reduction and Imaging of Gravitational Lens System Class B0631+519


The present paper describes reduction procedures and imaging of radio astronomical data from the gravitational lens system CLASS B0631+519 acquired by e-MERLIN interferometer. The source has been previously imaged with VLA, MERLIN and the VLBA interferometers. Data reduction and polarisation calibration procedures will provide data on Faraday effects such as Faraday rotation and depolarization between lensed images that in turn carry information on large and small-scale magnetic fields in the lensing galaxy.

Reduction of data and imaging of the radio astronomical source have been achieved using Astronomical Image Processing System (AIPS) in conjunction with automatic data reduction pipelines that performed specific data processing steps. As a result, the sky map for the gravitational lens system has been successfully acquired and accuracy comparing the generated map to sky maps of the source produced by different authors has been confirmed.

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Physics, Technical and Applied Physics