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26 Jun 2014
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Modern transformation of deserted settlements in the Sudetes Mountains, SW Poland

Data publikacji: 31 Dec 2020
Tom & Zeszyt: Tom 14 (2020) - Zeszyt 2 (December 2020)
Zakres stron: 80 - 95
Otrzymano: 07 Sep 2020
Przyjęty: 08 Dec 2020
Informacje o czasopiśmie
Pierwsze wydanie
26 Jun 2014
Częstotliwość wydawania
2 razy w roku

The aim of the study was to present and to classify current processes and phenomena which are observed within the depopulated villages in the Kłodzko region in SW Poland, to assess the present conditions, functions and meanings of deserted settlements, and to forecast their potential further transformations. The study was based on diverse cartographic sources, field investigations, inventories and interviews, historical documents and current spatial development plans. The current processes and phenomena occurring in the highly depopulated or deserted villages are spatially very diverse in terms of their types and dynamics. They include: afforestation (re-wilding), return to agricultural use (limitation of the secondary succession), new houses or the renovation of the old ones, partial restoration of the sacral landscape, large-scale tourist infrastructure and educational initiatives (educational trails, eco-museums, information boards). However, some areas remain forgotten and neglected. These processes often co-occur with each other and they may be diverse in different parts of the village. In the current transformations of the abandoned areas the main focus is on local economy or nature protection while the cultural landscape of the deserted villages is hardly appreciated as an important value itself. The potential future transformations of the depopulated areas will be multidirectional with the tendency to polarization. Some areas will be subject to an increased human pressure, especially due to the new developments in housing and large-scale tourist infrastructure, the other areas will remain out of the way allowing for using their potential as “archives” of traditional cultural landscapes.


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