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16 Apr 2017
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Evaluation of Achillea, Matricaria, and Anthemis plants following selection for drought tolerance at seedling stages

Data publikacji: 30 Dec 2021
Tom & Zeszyt: Tom 49 (2022) - Zeszyt 1 (January 2022)
Zakres stron: 80 - 91
Otrzymano: 29 Aug 2021
Przyjęty: 01 Dec 2021
Informacje o czasopiśmie
Pierwsze wydanie
16 Apr 2017
Częstotliwość wydawania
2 razy w roku

The genetic potentials of eight species of Achillea (A. millefolium, A. fillipendulla, A. biebersteinii, A. nobilis, A. eriophora), Matricaria (M. ricotita), and Anthemis (An. haussknechtii and An. tinctoria) under drought conditions during the seedling stage were measured. Non-ionic water-soluble polymer polyethylene glycol (PEG, molecular weight 6000) was used to simulate water stress at five osmotic potential levels (0, –0.3, –0.6, –0.9, and –1.2 MPa). An acceptable threshold value for germination was osmotic potential –0.6 MPa, and the modest osmotic potential was –1.2 MPa for studied taxa. Seedlings of germinated at two control and osmotic potential –0.6 MPa (as an acceptable threshold value for germination) treatments were sowed in a field under rainfed conditions. Genetic differentiation of control plants (CP) versus early selected plants (ESP, germinated at osmotic potential –0.6 MPa) was studied using morphological, physiological, and molecular (ISSR) markers. No significant differences were observed between morphological traits of CP and ESP in all species, however, days to full flowering shortened in ESP. The physiological results demonstrate that under rainfed conditions, the ESP, in a quick response, collect osmolytes and amplify the activity of antioxidative enzymes to survive drought. The genetic relationship in the group of genotypes, that ISSR marker set it out, is affiliated to taxon even though AMOVA showed a partial differentiation between CP and ESP groups (21%). It was concluded that the selection of tolerating individuals at the seedling stage represents a likely positive strategy to have higher drought tolerance feature in plants under rainfed conditions.


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