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Invertebrates Investigation in Apple Orchard, Dorset Golden Variety, in Tizi-Ouzou Region of North Algeria


This work concerns the inventory of invertebrates in the apple tree plot of Dorset golden variety in Tizi-Ouzou area by using four methods of trapping (Barber traps, coloured traps, sweep net and butterflies net) during the study period from July 2015 until June 2016. This study allowed us to collect 214 species belonging to 96 families, 18 orders and five classes of invertebrates. Ecological indices make it possible to account for the qualitative and quantitative diversity of invertebrates present in the environment. The objective of this inventory is to identify potential predators and parasites of infested pests to apple tree cultivation by emphasising on the different trophic regimes of species.

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Life Sciences, Ecology, other, Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Geosciences, Geography