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Examining and Forecasting Tourist Arrivals and Speleotourism Development in Resava Cave (Eastern Serbia)


Caves, gorges, canyons, waterfalls and other karst geoheritage sites have been the focus of many tourists who visit Serbia. Caves have been visited and explored by numerous school excursions and scientific expeditions. Thus speleotourism in Serbia possesses great potential for local and regional economic empowerment. Moreover, analyzing the influence of complementary tourist activities for speleotourism can generate more knowledge for future development strategies. This paper aims to forecast tourist arrivals in Resava Cave and thus determine the current and future conditions of speleotourism development. According to the current speleotourist traffic, Resava Cave is the most developed speleotourism destination in Serbia. Therefore, estimating the growth of tourist traffic is crucial for understanding its true potential.

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