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Evaluation of Enriched Learning Environment in the Context of Mathematical Reasoning from the Perspective of the Students and their Teacher


The purpose of the current study is to investigate the learning process, which is enriched by using various teaching methods in the context of mathematical reasoning from the perspectives of seventh grade students and their mathematics teacher. In order to have an in-depth study, a qualitative research approach was preferred. This research was conducted with 23 seventh grade students and their mathematics teacher at a randomly selected public secondary school. Qualitative data was collected by using a semi-structured interview form developed for both the teacher and the students. As a result of this research, it was determined that this learning environment increased students’ participation in the lessons, provided effective and permanent learning and encouraged the use of mathematical reasoning skills. In addition, it was found that this learning environment, which uses various learning ways, develops a positive attitude towards the lessons. Besides, according to the findings of this study, it was found that the learning environment in which various learning ways were utilized provided sufficient knowledge of concept and method to the students, and improved their mathematical reasoning skills.

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