In this issue of Beiträge, we publish as a Commentary the oral presentation of Wolfram Röper entitled ‘Ten Years and More of ‘Biosciences’ in CORESTA - A Brief Historic Overview’, held at the CORESTA Meeting in Sapporo, Japan, September 23-27, 2012. We chose do so because this article deviates in its structure from a regular scientific publication in Beiträge. Nevertheless, we as Editors believe that this text is of interest to many scientists involved in tobacco research, in particular the younger colleagues, since, in our view, it impressively shows the increasing importance of the ‘biosciences’ for the development, evaluation and regulation of tobacco products. It is highly likely that the ‘biosciences’ will play an equal (or perhaps an even more important) role in the characterization of tobacco products in the future as did the physical and chemical sciences in the past.

We want to inform our readers that Professor John Gorrod has decided to step down as a member of the Advisory Board of Beiträge for reasons of age. Professor Gorrod, who is one of the best known nicotine researchers, was a member of the Advisory Board since September 2001. During that time, he had reviewed numerous manuscripts for Beiträge. We would like to thank Professor Gorrod for his valuable work for our Journal and wish him all the best for his well-earned retirement.

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