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Dimethyl Sulfide in Cigarette Smoke - On the Origin of the Sulfur Compounds of Cigarette Smoke and on Their Possible Contribution to its Overall Flavor and Aroma

   | 13 cze 2014


Dimethyl sulfide has been isolated from cigarette smoke by a combination of adsorption and partition gas chromatographic techniques. Positive identification of dimethyl sulfide was obtained by infra-red spectrophotometry, mass spectrometry and gas chromatographic retention times. Both infra-red and mass spectra are presented and their most important features are discussed. Based on gas chromatographic measurements, a semiquantitative estimation of the amount of dimethyl sulfide in cigarette smoke is given. A list of the sulfur compounds identified up to now in cigarette smoke is presented as well as some discussion about their possible origin. After some evidence given on the importance of sulfur compounds on the flavour of several natural products and of some synthetic compositions, the question is raised as to the possible effect of these sulfur compounds on the overall flavour and aroma of cigarette smoke.

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General Interest, Life Sciences, other, Physics