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The Generative Force of the Domain and the Field: Contributions of Highly Creative Women


This study aims to explore the two less frequently researched pillars of the systems theory of creativity: domain and field, through a gender lens. Twenty-five award-winning women from different domains were interviewed. Their responses were examined using grounded theory. Results show four categories associated to domain: (1) access, including family incentive, interest in childhood, and late start; (2) relationship, reflected in high level of engagement, positive feelings, priority in life, and crisis; (3) gender barriers, encompassing family impact, financial limitations, discrimination, and being part of a minority; and (4) extra-domain, described in background and interests in other areas. Four additional categories were identified in relation to the field: (a) 10 years to gain recognition, (b) unclear criteria, (c) men hold the power, and (d) denial of gender barriers. The importance of fostering appealing domains that motivate women is discussed, along with the need for openness to interdisciplinarity and nonlinear careers. Masculinisation of the fields is problematised as an obstacle for the development and recognition of women. The personal discrimination denial paradox, in spite of accounts of the gender barriers experienced, is questioned.

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Arts, general, Social Sciences, Psychology, Development Psychology, Applied Psychology, Education, other