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Success Factors for Conducting Software-Process Improvement in Web-Based Software Projects


Continuous Software Process Improvement (SPI) is essential for achieving and maintaining high-quality software products. Web-based software enterprises, comprising a substantial proportion of global businesses and forming a cornerstone of the world’s industrial economy, are actively pursuing SPI initiatives. While these companies recognize the critical role of process enhancement in achieving success, they face challenges in implementing SPI due to the distinctive characteristics of Web-based software projects. This study aims to identify, validate, and prioritize the sustainability success factors that positively influence SPI implementation efforts in Web-based software projects. Data have been meticulously gathered through a systematic literature review and quantitatively through a survey questionnaire. The findings of this research empower Web-based software enterprises to refine their management strategies for evaluating and bolstering SPI practices within the Web-based software projects domain.

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Computer Sciences, Information Technology