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A Survey on Lightweight Cryptographic Algorithms in IoT


The Internet of Things (IoT) will soon penetrate every aspect of human life. Several threats and vulnerabilities are present due to the different devices and protocols used in an IoT system. Conventional cryptographic primitives or algorithms cannot run efficiently and are unsuitable for resource-constrained devices in IoT. Hence, a recently developed area of cryptography, known as lightweight cryptography, has been introduced, and over the years, numerous lightweight algorithms have been suggested. This paper gives a comprehensive overview of the lightweight cryptography field and considers various popular lightweight cryptographic algorithms proposed and evaluated over the past years for analysis. Different taxonomies of the algorithms and other associated concepts were also provided, which helps new researchers gain a quick overview of the field. Finally, a set of 11 selected ultra-lightweight algorithms are analyzed based on the software implementations, and their evaluation is carried out using different metrics.

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Computer Sciences, Information Technology