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Enhancing efficiency in scientific writing in the field of plant growing: Collaborating with AI assistant ChatGPT for enhanced productivity


Every scientist at the beginning of his professional career inevitably encounters difficulties in developing scientific publications. These obstacles are often related with the preparation of the introductory section, which relies on existing research and from the mastery of various statistical approaches, understanding results and their interpretation. The aim of this study is to assess to what extent ChatGPT can streamline the process of writing scientific publications in the field of plant breeding and how it can be beneficial as an auxiliary tool. ChatGPT cannot entirely write the introductory section for you, but it can generate adequate ideas and fundamental aspects that the author can utilize and further develop for the elaboration of this part. ChatGPT can perform basic statistical analyses commonly used in such studies, which adequately align with the developments implemented in other statistical software.

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Chemistry, other, Geosciences, Geography, Life Sciences, Physics