Rhodope Tourist Region is one of the most attractive tourist regions in Bulgaria and one of the few that stand out with almost uniform year-round development of tourist activities. The outlines of the tourist area largely coincide with the outlines of the mountain of the same name. This fact predetermines the exceptional richness and diversity of natural tourist resources. Here are the largest coniferous forests in the country, some of the largest dams, the largest number of caves used for tourist purposes, many mineral springs, bizarre rock formations, etc. The relatively well-preserved natural environment is a prerequisite for the presence of extremely high biodiversity, as well as a large number of protected areas. The region is specialized in mountain tourism, incl. ski tourism and hiking. In connection with the available natural tourist resources, the tourism product is increasingly enriched with various specialized types of tourism, incl. balneotherapy tourism, ecotourism, rural tourism, etc. In connection with the increasingly intensive tourist load, the problem of protecting the natural tourist resources from the growing anthropogenic pressure, as well as the prospects for sustainable development of the tourist industry in the region are becoming especially relevant. The aim of the present paper is to valorize the natural tourist resources of the Rhodope tourist region and to give guidelines for their sustainable use.

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