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A Study on Implicit Education in Curriculum Civic Education of Universities Based on Differential Evolutionary Algorithm

   | 17 paź 2023


In this paper, firstly, the selection of individuals is made according to the selection probability size, and in order to reduce the greediness of selection, the algorithm only selects the starting vectors of base vectors and difference vectors for random sorting selection, and the rest of vectors are still selected according to multi-objective sorting. Secondly, according to the teaching content of Civic Education, the multimodal corpus content needs to take into account the characteristics of topicality, comprehensiveness, and appropriateness, and the differential evolution algorithm is proposed to construct the Civic Education multimodal corpus. The results show that self-efficacy, implicit education, and daily education can be obtained at the level of 0.01, which indicates a significant positive effect on Civic Education. Self-efficacy, and other are all below the level of 0.01, which indicates a significant negative influence on Civic Education in colleges and universities. The combined described implicit education and other education cooperate with each other in order to achieve the development of modern ideological and political education.

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Life Sciences, other, Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, General Mathematics, Physics