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Research on mobile Awareness service and data privacy Protection based on Linear Equations computing protocol


In the steady development of social economy, in order to solve the data privacy problem of mobile sensing service of Internet of Things and improve the service level of practical system operation, it is not only necessary to comprehensively master the acquisition process of static information and dynamic information, but also to combine the protection status of previous Internet of Things technology and sensing data. Deeply explore how to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and controllability of mobile awareness services and related data privacy. In this paper, we study the knowledge of the parsing process of system of linear equations, the system studied the movement perception service framework and data privacy security requirements, is proposed for mobile data privacy protection model of perceived service, has been clear about the mobile service perception model and the application of data privacy protection algorithm, it not only conforms to the protection of the Internet of things moving perceived service requirements, It can also provide basic guarantee for the application of perceptual data in modern development.

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