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Analysis of agricultural economic development and optimisation measures under the strategy of rural revitalisation

   | 14 lis 2022


In order to better promote economic development, my country has successively issued many preferential policies, which have created more and better opportunities for economic development and the improvement of comprehensive national strength. My country’s agricultural development has more development momentum and long-term planning goals. This paper firstly sorts out the practical and theoretical significance of implementing the rural revitalisation strategy. Based on doing a good job in agricultural economic management, when conducting cointegration analysis, the stationarity of the time series is tested, and an error correction model (ECM) is introduced as a supplement. It lays foundation for the analysis of optimisation measures; secondly, the ADF test is carried out for the constructed ECM, and the entropy method and the analytic hierarchy process are used to calculate various indicators. Finally, according to the numerical results obtained, the agricultural economy under the rural revitalisation strategy is completed. The analysis of development and optimisation measures can fundamentally solve the limitations of the concept of rural development, break through the shackles of traditional development models, explore a path more suitable for the development of new rural areas and new agricultural economy and fundamentally improve the quality of production and life of farmers.

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