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A generative design method of building layout generated by path

 oraz    | 31 mar 2022


The floor plan is a key part of architectural design and has the characteristics of multi-objective evaluation. Traditional methods are often laborious and may lead to re-work due to optimisation, which affects efficiency. Related research uses various algorithms to generate floor plans to improve efficiency. Based on the leading role of architects on floor plans, this paper proposes a generative design method that combines the design process. It takes the space shape as the starting point, simplifies the design process into a mathematical model, and uses Rhino and Grasshopper to complete the algorithm development. Using different algorithm combinations, a large number of new layouts can be explored, and building layouts can be adjusted freely through data optimisation without having to redesign. The design evolution of floor plans of different cases shows that such a generative design method is feasible, reusable, and more efficient than traditional methods.

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