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The modelling and implementation of the virtual 3D animation scene based on the geometric centre-of-mass algorithm


In the process of modernisation, the essence of virtual 3D animation scene modelling is to enhance the rendering effect of animation, so designers need to understand and skilfully use virtual reality technology. During the scene modelling, the system perception module will obtain the perception information on the basis of understanding the behaviour state of the role, and thus provide the data basis for the emotion module and the behaviour module. Among them, the emotion module is mainly used to adjust the emotional changes of the role, and the behaviour module is mainly used to build the motion database. So this article after understanding the current situation on the basis of the virtual 3D animation scene modelling, use the geometric centroid algorithm for virtual 3D animation scene modelling technology to realise in-depth understanding, and the final results prove that the build system can not only clear intuitive present animation image, but can be in effective connection also, on the basis of multiple motion clips, to maintain the original movement in detail.

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