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Optimising the Geometric Parameters of a Gear in a Tractor Transmission Under Constraints Using Kisssoft


We optimise the speed gears in a tractor transmission with KISSsoft software under three constraints: input power torque, transmission system volume and the gear ratio for each speed. This study aimed to optimise the module, face width, gear quality, centre distance, number of teeth, helix angle, addendum modification coefficient and pressure angle for each speed while considering the above constraints based on an optimisation chart. Tooth bending stress, tooth contact stress, contact ratio and specific sliding were considered during optimisation. Additionally, the effects of changes in a module on the gear profiles, overlap ratio, number of teeth and weight of the gear pair were examined. Strength calculations of gear pairs that were optimised and defined for all geometric parameters with KISSsoft were calculated with the mathematical model described in ISO 6336, and results were then compared. Finally, backlash was minimised for all gear pairs as defined with geometric parameters, and all dimensions and tolerances were determined for gear inspection after manufacturing. A concept design was also presented. We conclude that both the KISSsoft results and mathematical model results are within the range of the target value.