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Optimization of the Modes of Pre-Sowing Electrical Stimulation of Winter Rape Seeds Based on the Study of the Intensity of Single Photon Emission by Them


The article presents the results that can be a prerequisite for the introduction of a pre-sowing electrotreatment of winter rape seeds into the production process. The results of photon emission by rape seeds after electrical stimulation are highly correlated with the data obtained during determination of its sowing qualities and field germination. Absorption and transformation of the energy of the external electric field during the electrostimulation of winter rape seeds occurs non-linearly. It was established that the main transformations take place during the first 15 s, regardless of the electric field intensity. Relaxation processes were revealed, which become dominant after 15 s of electrical stimulation. The pre-sowing electrical stimulation improved the sowing properties of winter rapeseed. The highest values of germination energy and laboratory germination (87% and 96%), which exceeded the control by 9% and 8%, were obtained under the treatment mode E=2 kV·cm−1, t=30 s. Pre-sowing electrostimulation of winter rape seeds at optimal conditions helps to increase its field germination. Under the treatment mode E=2 kV·cm−1, t=30 s was 90%, and with E=3 kV·cm−1, t=30 s – 83% versus 79.7% in the control.