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Study of the Behavior of the AL 2017-A Aluminium Plate Corroded and with Horizontal Cracks Treated by the Technique of Composite Materials


This work presents a comprehensive study consisting of two aspects: a numerical analytical aspect and a laboratory experimental aspect. The numerical study was a three-dimensional finite element numerical analysis of performance of corroded and horizontally cracked aluminium plates, which were repaired by composite patching. The effect of the composite types on the variance of the damaged area of the adhesive (FM-73) and their efficiency on the stress intensity factor were studied. In the experimental study, corroded aluminium plates were prepared and repaired them using technology of the composite. The results showed that the panels that were repaired with composite (boron/epoxy) give values of stress intensity factor (KI) and damaged area ratio (DR) less than the other two studied composites (glass/epoxy and graphite/epoxy), and increase the ultimate strength of plates damage, and this leads to the conclusion that (Boron/epoxy) increases the performance and durability of (Al 2017-A) plates.

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4 razy w roku
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Materials Sciences, Functional and Smart Materials