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A Methodology and Information System for Computing and Optimization of Impellers and Vanned Diffusers Geometry Parameters


The study aims to develop an information-computing complex for computer design of a centrifugal compressor with parallel calculation of stages and optimization of the geometric parameters of the impellers and the diffusers. The paper presents a universal methodology and computerized information system of the main geometry parameter determination and optimization of the centrifugal compressor impellers and vanned diffusers. Optimization of cross-sectional areas of the input and output channels of the impeller and diffuser blade channels is held using a gradient descent method by gas flowrate quadratic integral deviation criteria. The information-computing complex is built on the algorithm proposed by the authors and implemented as a computer program with a human-machine interface. Calculation data are written in the form of numerical arrays with the possibility of interpolating data and obtaining graphical dependencies.

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Computer Sciences, Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, Project Management, Software Development