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Proposing a Layer to Integrate the Sub-classification of Monitoring Operations Based on AI and Big Data to Improve Efficiency of Information Technology Supervision


Intelligent monitoring of a computer network provides a clear understanding of its behaviour at various times and in various situations. It also provides relief to support teams that spend most of their time troubleshooting problems caused by hardware or software failures. This type of monitoring ensures the accuracy and efficiency of the network to meet the expectations of its users. However, to ensure intelligent monitoring, it is necessary to start by automating this process, which often leads to long and costly interventions. The success of such automation implies the establishment of predictive maintenance as a prerequisite for good preventive maintenance governance. However, even when it is practiced effectively, preventive maintenance requires a great deal of time and the mobilization of several full-time resources, especially for large IT structures. This paper gives an overview of the monitoring of a computer network and explains its process and the problems encountered. It also proposes a method based on machine learning to allow for prediction and support decision making to proactively anticipate interventions.

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Computer Sciences, Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, Project Management, Software Development