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Portable Telematic System as an Effective Traffic Flow Management in Workzones


Traffic infrastructure localities with temporal restrictions for example due to reconstructions, or modernization, are important aspects influencing the traffic safety and traffic flow. On the basis of our research, we can identify main factors, which generate travel time loses, and which often cause traffic accidents in bottlenecks. First of all, it is improper late merge, speeding, tailgating, lower tolerance and consideration to other road users. Nervousness and ignorance of drivers also play an important role in generation of traffic congestions, lower level of service and resulting external economic loses. One of the tools eliminating the traffic restriction negative impacts is usage of portable telematics systems. In 2011 to 2013,project ViaZONE was in progress, which was to design an intelligent system with the aim to eliminate the mentioned risks and reduce economic losses generated by traffic congestions. Using available data and information, we have proved profitability and cost-effectiveness of dynamic systems for traffic control of work zones. Regarding traffic management, the system showed some problems due to indisciplined drivers and the system proved that speeding in these hazardous road segments is a common practice which caused accidents and congestions.

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