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Estimation of an Effective Young’s Modulus of Elasticity in the Locality of the Gabčíkovo Hydrology Power Plant by Geometric Leveling


The Gabčíkovo hydroelectric power plant is located in a complicated geological environment (gravel sub-soil and a high groundwater level). Excavation work started after the withdrawal of water in the autumn of 1984 and lasted until the autumn of 1986. A basic geodetic control network with a special monument was founded before the excavation work began. This network served for the setting-out of the hydroelectric power plant as well as for the control of the excavation work. The repeated geodetic control measurements have been evaluated and presented at many seminars and conferences. Monitoring the horizontal and vertical stability of the geodetic control network during the general site excavation showed significant horizontal and vertical deformations. The paper is focused on an estimation of an effective Young's modulus of elasticity in the area studied.

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