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The Impact Of Ten Weeks Of Bodyweight Training On The Level Of Physical Fitness And Selected Parameters Of Body Composition In Women Aged 21-23 Years


Introduction. The aim of the study was to assess the impact of 10 weeks of bodyweight training on selected elements of body composition (body mass, muscle mass, and the percentage of body fat and water) and components of physical fitness (strength, strength endurance, flexibility, and aerobic capacity) of women aged 21-23 years who do not practise sports professionally.

Material and methods. The study involved 15 women whose mean age was 22 years 2 months. Their body mass and composition were assessed using a TANITA BC-1000 scale, and the following parameters of physical fitness were measured: the strength and power of the upper and lower extremities; the strength endurance of the shoulders, shoulder girdle, and trunk; as well as their flexibility and physical capacity. The assessment was performed twice, that is before and after the completion of the 10-week programme.

Results. The study revealed that the 10-week bodyweight training programme had caused a minor increase in body mass (1.16%) and body fat percentage (2.43%), while muscle mass and body water percentage had not changed. As far as physical fitness is concerned, the bodyweight exercises had had a positive impact on all of the elements of physical fitness which were measured, including statistically significant increases in the explosive strength of the lower extremities (5.6%; p<0.01), strength endurance of the trunk (10.7%; p<0.01), and aerobic capacity (33.3%; p<0.05).

Conclusions. Without a properly balanced diet and nutrition control, the bodyweight training programme had a small impact on the parameters of body composition. It was, however, an effective way of enhancing general physical fitness: apart from improving muscle strength and endurance, it also increased physical capacity and flexibility.

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