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Porovnání vlivu příměsi na růstové veličiny, strukturu a stabilitu porostu borovice lesní (Pinus sylvestris L.) na antropogenních půdách sokolovského regionu / Influence of admixed tree species on growth, structure and stability of Scots pine stands on anthropogenic soils of the Sokolov region


The reclamation of landscape disturbed by mining is a topical issue in the Czech Republic and elsewhere. The aim of this study was to evaluate whether the afforestation by Scots pine mixed with beech and lime trees on anthropogenic soils was advantageous in terms of timber production capacity and stability of forest stands, and whether it improved structural functionality of the forest ecosystem. The study was performed in the 40 year-old stand at Antonín dump near the town of Sokolov (Czech Republic) on a clay substrate. Basic stand variables and multivariate analysis of variance (ANOVA) of tree variables were used to compare different mixtures and monocultures. The comparison of pine monocultures with the mixed parts of the stand showed that the admixture of beech in the stands increased their stability, while the production was higher in the parts with an admixture of lime trees. Due to neglected stand tending, stability of all parts of the stand was reduced. Although lime generally appears as the most advantageous admixed tree species, further research is needed to prove the conclusions.

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Life Sciences, Plant Science, Ecology, other