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An unusual case in endocrinology practice: Suture granuloma


Objective. Suture granuloma, the rare complication of thyroidectomy, results from the use of nonabsorbable suture materials. Despite its typical ultrasound images and benign course, it carries utmost importance in the diff erential diagnosis of lymph nodes, recurrent nodules, and recurrence in the case of thyroid cancers.

Subject and Results. Fifty four years old female patient, who underwent bilateral thyroidectomy in July 2010, was diagnosed with multinodular goiter and incidentally discovered micropapillary carcinoma (2 mm). Four years later, she was readmitted to hospital due to painless swelling in the right and left anterior neck region. Ultrasonography revealed nodules with irregular boundaries, containing micro- and macro-calcifications and hyperechoic lines in both sides of the thyroid bed and isthmus. Fine needle aspiration biopsy was performed in the right and left sided mass and the cytological examination was compatible with the diagnosis of the suture granuloma.

Conclusions. Suture granuloma should be considered in the differential diagnosis of the local recurrence