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Foundation of Global Epizootiology – a New Branch of Life Sciences

   | 23 sty 2018


Globalization era starting in full in the 1990s brought entirely new conditions for epizootic disease spreading and control at global level. Significantly intensified global trade in animals and their products without any effective sanitary filter has facilitated mass worldwide spreading of the pathogens. Huge daily flow of exported non-pathogen-free animal commodities has led to rapid deterioration of global epizootiological situation. Never in the history did global occurrence of animal infections worsen as in present time when the amount of scientific knowledge is the largest in human history. Thus an important gap occurred in the structure of life sciences. No institution has yet started to fill this gap with missing scientific branch dealing with planet-wide epizootiological triad (animals - pathogens - environment) as with one compact dynamic biological system within the biocoenosis envelope surrounding the Earth. There has been an urgent need to develop new epizootiological methods in order to achieve desirable results in the protection of animal population health covering our entire planet. The author therefore used the opportunity provided by ResearchGate network. This made it possible to start a “Global Epizootiology” project as a new scientific branch dedicated to population health and epizootic disease control of all species of animal kingdom in the whole world. Its definition, objectives and content have been formulated. In conclusion, anthropocentric priorities have to be the protection of world human population against diseases transmissible from other species and global production of safe food of animal origin. During the first year ResearchGate Global Epizootiology Project reached 1,159 publications and update reads.

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