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A Multi–Model Based Adaptive Reconfiguration Control Scheme for an Electro–Hydraulic Position Servo System

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science's Cover Image
International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
Towards Self-Healing Systems through Diagnostics, Fault-Tolerance and Design (Special section, pp. 171-269), Marcin Witczak and Ralf Stetter (Eds.)


Reliability and safety of an electro-hydraulic position servo system (EHPSS) can be greatly reduced for potential sensor and actuator faults. This paper proposes a novel reconfiguration control (RC) scheme that combines multi-model and adaptive control to compensate for the adverse effects. Such a design includes several fixed models, one adaptive model, and one reinitialized adaptive model. Each of the models has its own independent controller that is based on a complete parametrization of the corresponding fault. A proper switching mechanism is set up to select the most appropriate controller to control the current plant. The system output can track the reference model asymptotically using the proposed method. Simulation results validate robustness and effectiveness of the proposed scheme. The main contribution is a reconfiguration control method that can handle component faults and maintain the acceptable performance of the EHPSS.

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