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Dynamic Control of Discharge Energy During WEDM for the Purpose of Eliminating Vibrations of the Wire Tool Electrode



Production in all industry fields is currently affected by new scientific and technical knowledge and the requirements for its rapid deployment. In many cases, the most modern and highly sophisticated technical systems are applied. Simultaneously, fully automated production systems are rather successfully used and progressive production technologies are implemented. In most cases, there is an integral part of a management system that operates the challenging technological processes. These processes would not be executable without the system’s precise control, which provides a suitable precondition for ensuring the high quality of manufactured products. However, the customer’s demanding requirements are not always met. These involve increased requests for the quality of the final product due to the reduction of the tolerance band and application of high-strength materials. This paper aims to describe one of the solutions by which it is possible to achieve a higher quality of the machined surface after wire electrical discharge machining (WEDM). The solution proposes that through dynamic management, the WEDM process eliminates the vibrations of the wire tool electrode and thereby achieves a substantial increase in the quality of the eroded area in terms of its geometric accuracy. With the support of an extensive database of information with precise exchange of information, the proposed system will allow to control the electro discharge process with regard to the optimal way of operation of the electro discharge machine on the basis of individually selected conditions.