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Dogs Health Related to Ear Cropping



Ear cropping is a controversial subject with both supporters as well as detractors. Some consider that the procedure is cruel and unnecessary, while others consider it to be routine and harmless. The cropping of the ears of dogs for cosmetic reasons has no medical merit. It is a cosmetic, surgical procedure performed to achieve a specific appearance that matches the desired image and sometimes the standard of certain breeds of dogs. Cosmetic surgery offers the dog the desired look, but it is not a necessity. This procedure must be performed by a licensed veterinarian. Those interventions cause pain and anxiety and, like all surgical procedures, are associated with the risk of anaesthesia problems, blood loss and infection. There is only a thin line between what is convenient for the animal and what is good. Almost every community has legislation on animal welfare which includes amputation issues. If something is considered normal in some countries, this does not necessarily mean that it is also moral. The lack of legal consequences may lead some owners to produce certain breeds of dogs to their liking, but they should not be allowed to cripple their dog for their own personal benefit. Amputation can only be performed legally by a veterinarian and a new problem arises. This is because there are veterinarians who refuse to practice that kind of intervention. Some of them may think that since the legislation is unclear, they might be charged with a crime.

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